Monday, February 21, 2011

LinkFest: Traveling Edition

I'm on the road this weekend, but here are a few links that caught my eye during the week. And clearly, the weekend has passed, but the post didn't post!

Well-Heeled Blog has one of the most creative carnivals I've ever seen, and she included me in the round-up! Carnival of Personal Finance: Cupid Edition.

I think this is part of what I meant when I talked about the type of person I want to be -- Why I No Longer Worry About Having a Personal Style. Except I'm not quite at the "no longer" stage.

Almost Frugal talks about the reason we're all fired up about having an emergency fund -- so that when an emergency happens, you can be there.

Good advice here about how to quit your job.

Trent details how it's actually harder to get started today than it was in 1970.

What's not worth making from scratch? Peanut and I agree that bread isn't really worth us making from scratch right now -- we don't eat it fast enough. Chinese and Indian food, for us, involve a lot of ingredients that we don't normally buy so we prefer to buy it, along with ice cream. We do make pizza sauce, pizza dough, pickles. Stuff like that.

How to quit your job and move to Italy.

How to get more done while being interrupted less.

This week's Happiness Project resolution: Ask yourself, "Who do you envy? What do you lie about?" GREAT questions. I've been doing some soul-searching on these two questions, and I'm not sure I'm ready (or ever will be) to have this discussion publicly, but it's been really great food for thought, and might help me change some habits that are not useful in my life.

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