Friday, February 4, 2011


Peanut and I make fried rice all the time! Our standard recipe includes eggs, green onions and mushrooms. YUM!

Amber at Blonde & Balanced talks about Passion Vs. Money. I happen to have a job that I'm mostly passionate about -- I'm working on a much longer post about the specifics, but my general point here is that I'm PASSIONATE about books. I LOOOOOOOOVE books, (to steal Amber's phrase). I can talk about books all day -- as long as I'm not reading them, that is. I don't feel like I sacrificed money in order to work with books, either. My degree was in journalism, and everyone knows that pays peanuts too. :)
The Happiness Project quiz: Are you drifting? There have been times in my life when I felt like I was drifting -- that I was living someone else's life, or that mine hadn't started yet. I no longer feel like I'm drifting, but right now I feel like I'm waiting -- waiting to see where we'll wind up, waiting to start a family. But it's not the same as drifting. I'm waiting with a purpose, and mindfully enjoying the wait.

For those of you doing your own taxes, don't forget to look for discounts for the most popular tax software, like TurboTax. Five Cent Nickel mentions one for AmEx customers. Your credit card company may offer one, your company may offer one if it's a big corporation, I believe Vanguard offered one last year -- take a look around and do some googling to save some money.

Two posts from the FearLess Revolution: decompartmentalizing our values and the launch of COMMON.

J$ asks would you rather get five million dollars or the ability to teleport. My first question is whether the $5MIL is before or after taxes, because that affects my answer. Assuming it's after taxes, I'll take that and buy plane tickets to wherever I want to go. Now Peanut...well, if the teleportation option extended beyond the atmosphere, he'd take the chance to go into space in about one hot second.

O.M.G. The new Starbucks Trenta holds an entire bottle of wine. I don't even have words for this.

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  1. It's non-taxed -- just pure cash, baby ;) Thx for the shout out!


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