Saturday, February 26, 2011

Little Miss Moneybags' Quits

Inspired by Cordelia, here's a list of my recent quits:

I've quit reading books that I don't like. I recently started a book that's a feminist investigation of motherhood and the conflicting messages sent to women regarding whether they parent, how they parent, and how they should be parenting. The topic is interesting but the tone of the book was simultaneously whiney and strident, and I just couldn't take it. My bookshelves are full to bursting, so there's no point in forcing myself through something I'm not enjoying. NEXT!

I've quit saving things I think I should save but don't want to. Once upon a time, I bought perfumes and body sprays and received them as gifts. Peanut hates scented things like that as they irritate his sinuses, and frankly, I seem to have less interest in wearing them in the last two years or so (perhaps there's some truth to the idea that women wear things like makeup and perfume to "catch" a man, but not once they've "caught" him...). I've felt bad getting rid of those bottles, even though I know I will probably never, ever wear them again, and some of the scents are quite dated. They're going to Goodwill! Likewise, a tube of Burt's Bees toothpaste. I love a lot of Burt's Bees stuff, but this toothpaste just makes me hate brushing my teeth. I'm tossing it.

I've quit reading blogs that I don't feel a connection with. I've been trying to identify the blogs I read by their writing style as opposed to the header -- if I can't identify the author, I delete it from my reader. Either the author is really bad at having a personality shine through (in which case, why would I want to read?) or I'm just not connecting with them (in which get the idea), but my time is now too precious.

What have you quit lately?


  1. I have also quit reading books I don't like. There are too many wonderful books out there to waste my time on the ones I just don't like.

    I've also quit trying to keep my house pristine. In this season of life it's just not possible. I have a very energetic toddler and 3 pets. It's not gonna happen! I focus on keeping things as clutter-free as possible and cleaning regularly, but I don't freak out about dust or pet hair.

  2. I agree with all three of these. I have also quit trying to plan everything right down to every detail and just go with the flow more. It was stressful at first but it's the way my bf operates so when I can relax a little, it makes our relationship a lot better.

  3. I quit worrying about how my house looks when company comes over. Who cares? They don't. I have a few control issues :)

  4. Great tips. I try to do all of these, too, especially the first one. Life is too short to waste time on a book you can't get into (also, I think I might know which book you're talking about. Was it The Feminine Mistake?).

  5. The infamous EPL was a book that I stopped reading because I thought she was whiny and self-serving and corny.

    I've quit using every spare second of time to make long-distance phone calls. I just can't call every out of town friend once a week. I call my mom and my brother and everyone else can be emailed or called every month or so.

  6. HA! I totally agree about quitting reading books (and for that matter blogs) that don't interest you. I am quitting spending so much money eating out during the's been a challenge but I can't wait to get my budget back on track and continue to see my savings grow! Hope you have a good week :)

  7. How awesome that you've got your own quits list! I completely agree with all of these, especially the last one. My blog subscriptions list has ballooned to epic proportions, and it's time to start cutting out all but the blogs that really call to me. I could spend half the day just reading other people's blogs!


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