Friday, February 4, 2011

What are you saving for?

Peanut and I have had a couple conversations over the past few months about a few things that he really, really wants. I mean, REALLY wants, the way a kid wants something at Christmas when he or she still believes in Santa. One of those things is a pricey remote control helicopter, and another is to go into space. Yes, like on a rocket ship to the international space station. It's believable that space travel could be commercially available within our lifetime, so we've been talking about when to start saving for it.

Because this is the kind of thing I want to save for. It's not just that he's my husband and I love him, and therefore I want to give him everything he wants. It's that this is a BHAG - a big, hairy, audacious goal, and that's really what life should be all about. Saving for a house and retirement and kid's college is all fine and good (and will happen first) but you can't take the money with you, so why not put it towards something you want on this massive of a level?

FWIW, when I asked Peanut why he wanted to go into space, he replied, "Perspective". There followed a few moments of silence, wherein I was contemplating all of the amazing feelings and thoughts that being in space would generate, and the kind of cosmic oneness you might feel, and what it might teach you about life and death and peace and happiness, and wondered if that kind of distance is needed to achieve that perspective and how Peanut knew that. Meanwhile, he was imagining holding up his thumb and forefinger so that, from his perspective, it looked like he was pinching Earth between them. The discussion following those silent moments was perhaps one of the funniest I have ever had in my life.


  1. That made me laugh really hard. I think Peanut and my man are eerily similar!

  2. hahaha! I just listened to a podcast about a man who went (commercially, I think) into space and discussed the "overview effect" experienced by many astronauts. (The Moth if you are interested, by richard garriot)

    That is so sweet. The coolest thing I'm saving for are vacations, which is pretty standard.

  3. I never thought about it that way. My dad is convinced he's an alien, so thats why he wants to go into space. I'm kind of eh about it. I mean it would be nice, but I'm probably not going to be throwing money away for it anytime soon. I think I would rather visit all the places I'd like to visit on EARTH first, and then see if space has any place after that.


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