Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Recap/March Goals

February Goals
1. Make doctor and dentist appointments. Half done - I made and went to a doctor's appointment, but haven't yet made a dentist appointment. I need to do this.

2. Finish clearing out filing cabinet. DONE! And what a relief.

3. Stay under budget for my trip. Done! My plane ticket was more than I wanted to pay but that and the rental car were really the only expenses. The only meal I paid for was in the airport on my way out of town, and my parents had given me money for that. (How cute!)

March Goals
1. Make and go to dentist appointment. No more procrastinating!

2. Plan and execute a birthday situation.  My youngest sibling is going to become a teenager this month. OMG you guys! What do you do for kids nowadays? As this is a milestone birthday, I want it to be something cool.

3. Get things under control at work. I am not in control of my work life. I'm frustrated and tense and dreaming about work every night (when it's not keeping me awake, that is). I'm not sure whether the solution is to stay late or come in early or on weekends or delegate...but I need to figure it out and make sure something gets done to fix it. I hate feeling frantic. I also feel like with five or six dedicated hours, I could get through everything - so maybe a weekend is the answer.

4. Keep up this way-under-budget trend. I'm liking this! It's fun knowing that Peanut and I can survive -- even thrive -- just on my income, and I'd like to keep stashing that money away right now. We didn't feel at all deprived last month, so how long can we keep that up?

5. Try a new recipe. I'm collecting recipes and cookbooks like it'll save my life on a sinking ship, but I'm not using any of them! What's up with that?

Resolutions Update
1. Single-task. Still struggling, and to be honest, I'm completely ignoring it in the mornings. I'm totes watching the Today Show while reading email and eating my breakfast.
2. Participate in The Happiness Project. Going well!
3. Be able to do headstand in yoga. Oh, it's like I didn't even make this resolution.
4. Save enough to hurt a little. Well, we're saving some of my income and banking all of Peanut's and it's still not hurting. How far can we take it!
5. Change our net worth by the value of our student loans/increase our net worth by $31,000. I am shocked that we've already maxed out a huge emergency fund AND saved 32% of what it will cost to wipe out our student loans. SHOCKED, I tell you.
6. Prepare to leave my job. Considering I don't even have my daily life under control, this is decidedly not going well.
7. Declutter -- ideally, reduce our possessions by about 1/3. I've started a new Goodwill bag! I'm thinking about a closet cleanout in the near future.
8. Organize digital photos and finish physical scrapbooks. Sort of...okay, I foisted this one onto Peanut. He had some time, so he's been organizing the files, and then I'll go through the photos and oh, god, the scrapbooks, I haven't even thought about them.
9. Take up a crafty hobby. Hey, maybe the scrapbooks can be my crafty project!
10. Create a bucket-list of New York adventures and start checking them off. As soon as the weather's nice and Peanut's off work, I want to go to one of the museums on my list.
11. Read through my library. I am doing very well at this (I read five or six books-off-my-shelf in February) but I also brought home at least that many to add to the shelf. So - middling.


  1. I'm with you - added about 6 recipes to my recipes folder today alone!

    I've also been meaning to make us dentist appointments, but because our schedules are so opposite and we've had some big costs recently, I still haven't managed to do it. That, and take our coats to the drycleaners. Sometimes those little things are the hardest to organise.

  2. I hate to say that I'm STILL dreaming about work, even though most of the worst of the worst isn't there anymore, it's that stressful.

    Makes me wonder if I'm just bound to be that keyed up and only know to release it by dreaming through it, but I kind of hate that.


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