Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Spending Recap

Debt Repayment
Student loans $453.83

Alcohol $19
Business expenses $3.89

Dance expense $18
Entertainment $13.38
Food—dining out $195.06
Food—groceries $296.51
Hygiene/Medical $32.95
Laundry $20
Rent $1,444.69
Transportation $20
Travel $506.27
Utilities $234.08
Total spending: $2,803.83

Misc Income: $332.61

Networth IQ updated as well as student loan repayment tracker (see homepage).


- Miscellaneous income this month includes interest, Pinecone payments, and finally, my flex spending reimbursement from December! I have to say we've got a really great interest rate at our bank right now (which is like 1.5% -- nothing like the 5% of yore) and we've got a very healthy balance in there right now as we save up to pay cash for our student loans this year. It's nice to see double digits roll in every month in totally passive income.

- The difference between transportation and travel is really the frequency. Transportation includes subway passes, bus fare, cab fare, etc. Travel includes plane tickets, rental cars, gas for rental cars or when borrowing a car, etc. Transportation is day to day, travel is vacation. It doesn't mean much on a monthly basis, but it does in a year-end view.

- As I said a few days ago, we've not really been spending a lot lately. We've been really busy and it shows in our balance sheet, luckily.

- If we can keep things going as they are, we will totally hit our resolution of changing our net worth by the value of our student loans - and my unofficial resolution of paying them off by our first anniversary!

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  1. LMM I am really impressed by how little you are able to spend dining out and for groceries!


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