Sunday, March 20, 2011

Five Things That Make Me Happy, and One Thing That Pisses Me Off

Taking a line from the Non-Consumer Advocate, I thought I'd try my hand at this. Who knows, maybe it'll become a weekly feature!

Five Things That Make Me Happy, and One Thing That Pisses Me Off
  1. Having the windows open!
  2. A weekend with no firm to-do list.
  3. Lots of ideas for upcoming posts - that doesn't always happen.
  4. Getting a book randomly in the mail that stopped me short with how gorgeous it is. I hope the inside is as good!
  5. I've got a voucher for a movie AND a coupon for free small popcorn in my purse. Oh, the possibilities!
My downstairs neighbor smokes cigars and for some reason, the smell leaks into our apartment but ONLY into my closet. If I keep the door closed, my clothes smell like smoke, but if I crack it open, my apartment does. Ugh.


  1. Our downstairs neighbors also smoke, but I'm pretty sure they're smoking pot. It smells HORRIBLE, and for some reason sneaks up through the cabinets and drawers in our kitchen, of all places. One day I came home and my whole place smelled so strongly of pot, I went down and confronted them (something you might want to try).
    I tried to tiptoe around what I suspected they were doing by saying, "are you guys burning something?" to which the guy said "we're not cooking anything right now". So I said, listen, it smells like pot, and the smell comes up through all sorts of cracks around our place, and he apologized. It hasn't really been a problem since. Maybe he's afraid he'll get in trouble with the landlord.

    I'd say, confront them, and if that doesn't work and they're being jerks about it, you can talk to your landlord about it. Most places don't allow smoking since it's hard to get the smell out for future tenants.

  2. is there a vent you can close?

  3. My allergies are going nuts right now, but no amount of allergy suffering will compel me to close our windows.

  4. If you're renting then you should advise your landlord of the problem. There may be cracks or structural building faults that the owner/strata management should repair for you.

    Having vents in the closet is uncommon so most likely it's a crack or structural issue and that can and should be repaired by the landlord.

    If your neighbour looks relatively harmless, a friendly chat with them about the problem could solve your problem.


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