Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Happiness Project Week

Two great posts from The Happiness Project this week.

One, get enough sleep. This is a problem for me under the best of conditions - I'm a very light sleeper and I have problems falling asleep and staying asleep. I have vivid dreams, particularly when I'm stressed, that make me wake up feeling as if I didn't sleep at all, just worked all night. I could be better about my sleep hygiene though - I could set a more consistent bedtime, I could create a set of routines that help prepare me for sleep (currently, my routine is something like, oh, crap, I wanted to be in bed half an hour ago, turn off computer, wash dishes, set out lunch and clothes, brush teeth, get in bed, ask Peanut to turn off the computer and the light and snuggle and have laughing fits about perspective and the universe and then eventually fall asleep only to realize I forgot to plug in my phone and/or turn on the alarm. Not conducive to sleepytime.)

I especially like the comment on that post that says to treat bedtime like the BEGINNING of the day -- go to bed to give yourself a good foundation for the rest of your day, not for tomorrow. Interesting thought!

And then there was this post on preference cards! This is basically what I've wanted to carry my whole life, only I've never been important enough for anyone to care about them even if I did make one. But I am going to list my preferences and I'm going to try to create them at every opportunity.

Here they are:
LMM prefers to have an orderly to-do list with priorities clearly marked, for both work and home.
LMM prefers to get to work a little before everyone else so she has time to drink her coffee uninterrupted and deal with both urgent and pleasurable emails.
LMM prefers to have a seat on the train, so be sure to leave for work in time to let one or two go by so that can happen.
LMM prefers to feel like she's accomplishing something at all times, so rather than watch reruns or listening to the radiator while washing dishes, consider listening to a new episode of This American Life (which I'm trying to work through).

I just love it!

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