Friday, March 4, 2011


I've been daydreaming lately about packing up and moving across the country or the world in only two suitcases, getting rid of everything else I own. What freedom! What lightness! So I'm kind of jealous of Laura, as profiled on Miss Minimalist.

I wrote up a whole post about whether you need rental car insurance and scheduled it, but then 20somethingfinance's post came along, and it's better than mine. So go read it there! (From now on, I'm going to sit on all my good ideas for two days, hoping you lovely bloggers write the posts for me, and then I'll just link to them and I won't have to write them. :p)

16 great tax deductions Peanut and I probably overlooked...and you might have too!

Small Notebook posted 10 ways to simplify without becoming a minimalist. This is probably a post I'm going to refer to over and over again in my life. Also, that cup thing? Brilliant!! I'm implementing it on myself now.

Trent details how to downgrade your job without downgrading your life. This is something I secretly fantasize about doing when I have kids -- I don't want to work 60 hours a week with babies at home to play with! (Although I'm pretty sure I want to work at least part-time, even with babies.)

What a new baby really needs (no, I do not have any news to announce!). I think it's so interesting how it's like BABY! MUST BUY PLASTIC STUFF! When really, you don't need all that much.

J.D. Roth on developing systems that work - lots of good stuff in the comments, too!

Yikes! Random Anny shows a new eBay/Paypal term of service that's worth opting out of. She tells you how. I haven't been selling or buying anything on eBay for a long time, but I still opted out.

When traveling or moving across country or just carting valuable stuff with you, disguise your valuables! I think this is brilliant although Peanut laughed at me when I showed it to him. Whatevs - I even know that it works. A friend came to visit and bundled all her stuff into garbage bags with a few carefully placed trash items like discarded burrito wrappers and fast food cups on top. While we were at a show, someone smashed her windshield and grabbed the only thing not in a trash bag (her overnight bag) but they didn't get her laptop!

It's Small Notebook's three-year anniversary. I have to say, this is one of my very favorite blogs - so happy birthday!

I love Money Maus's really big to-do list, and the reason for it!

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  1. Thank you for the link! I'm always surprised by all the ways eBay/Paypal try to automate situations in their favor :P


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