Friday, March 25, 2011


Somehow this fell off my previous Linkfest - I really enjoyed this article by Well Heeled about the rise of Lifestyle blogs and being okay with being average - or at least being okay with not wanting to live out of a backpack in Thailand. I totally agree.

Likewise, I agree with Trent's admonishment to watch out for the fear of missing out - living life wondering if something better is going on wherever you're not is no way to live.

7 types of unnecessary insurance over at Adaptu.

Awesome - my electric and gas bills are going up 4% next month. Again.

EE Musings talks about work/life balance.

Krystal at Give Me Back My Five Bucks shows her work/life balance - yowza! I admire all the time she sets aside for blogging and freelancing. I'm not that dedicated at it, but I also have three more hours per day going to my day job and commuting, so maybe I shouldn't feel too bad.

Do kids hurt careers? from Living Almost Large

Carnival of Personal Finance #301 includes my board of directors post - thanks!

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  1. My ex-boyfriend was completely guilty of the topic in the first link -- He had great aspirations, and if you (in this case, me) didn't have equally high aspirations then you were lazy or mediocre. I never saw any problem with being comfortable and content with my job and having time for the life balance mentioned in the other links.


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