Friday, April 8, 2011

April Love Drop

Last month's Love Drop was amazing. It was as much about community as it was about cash, and, well -- it was broughten. Check out the video below.

This month, Love Drops on the Kahlen family, whose daughter suffers from Tuberous Sclerosis which causes brain tumors and lots of other issues. Love Drop aims to raise money for the Kahlens to ease their financial situation, but also getting artists together to host an auction on their behalf!

Want to help? Here are two ways you can participate:

1. Give $1.00 - This is the best way to help out and join their team at the same time.
2. Donate a piece of art - They will be hosting an auction this month, and would love to feature your artwork in it. Proceeds go to help the Kahlen's this month, and is a great way to promote your work :)

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