Thursday, April 21, 2011

Giveaway 2 Update

I'm very sorry to do this, but after an extremely unpleasant experience at the post office today, I am limiting this giveaway to US winners only. Many apologies to my Canadian and overseas readers, but the tongue-lashing I got today for trying to ship liquid items to the great white north is not something I am anxious to repeat.
If you know of any way to ship goods like this internationally, I am all ears and would consider re-opening giveaway 2 to the world again. I did not budget $50+ to ship via FedEx or UPS, so unfortunately I can't afford those.


  1. No problem! Totally understandable.

    And we really are the great white north... It's STILL snowing here. Where are you, spring?

  2. I swear, the Postal Service is getting more and more obnoxious. They need a bit of a customer service refresher -- especially considering how times have been rough for them lately.


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