Friday, April 15, 2011


I made FB's chickpea and potato cakes recipe! YUM. I used turmeric instead of cumin, and I will add a little more salt next time, but I was a big fan. Totally making them again.

Ninja asked whether married couples combine finances or not. Peanut and I combined finances as soon as we were married and we are jointly paying off our student loans together. We're a lot more comfortable with this arrangement - it allowed Peanut to go freelance last year and is now allowing me to quit my job and move across the country with nothing lined up.

I was featured over at My Pretty Pennies while she's on her honeymoon -- I wish her all the happiness in the world! (There's a wedding pic of mine over there if you're interested...)

Five reasons a walkable neighborhood is valuable. 

Perhaps our utilities bills will not be going up 12% after all. That'd be nice!


  1. I thought the walkable neighborhood article was a good one. I live in a neighborhood that many people (ie suburbanites) would deem unsafe. It's close to our downtown and surrounded by social services and cheaper housing. However it's one of the most walkable areas of the city, and I feel safer as a result because the neighbors are always out and about -- which was never the case when I lived in the 'burbs. If something is going to happen, somebody is gonna be a witness, at least!

  2. I am SO happy you love the recipe :) I had turmeric on hand but cumin is BF's favourite spice so.. :)


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