Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Recap/April Goals

March Goals
1. Make and go to dentist appointment. Done!

2. Plan and execute a birthday situation.  I'm not sure it qualifies as a "situation" but gifts were given.

3. Get things under control at work. Things are better. And different. And better.

4. Keep up this way-under-budget trend. I don't think this was very successful!

5. Try a new recipe. Done! I made a pan-fried chicken with red wine vinegar sauce and roasted sweet potato and cauliflower. It was so tasty, I made it several times!

April Goals
1. Spend less eating out. Last month was unacceptable, and the only way to avoid it happening again is to stay home and cook.

2. Deal with Evil Internet Company. Despite asking for help with this almost six months ago, I buried my head in the sand and did nothing further. But I need to take care of it this month because the billing situation is going to become a problem.

3. Serious hardcore decluttering and cleaning. Spring is in the air (maybe, tentatively, sort of, kind of) so it's that time of year.

4. Three yoga classes. That's it! Just three! If I go to more that's awesome, but I'm only holding myself to three. You heard it here first!

5. Use stuff up. I peeked under the bathroom cabinet the other day and discovered a plethora of beauty care products I'd completely forgotten about. I might start bathing twice a day just to use them up!

Resolutions Update
1. Single-task. Still struggling, and to be honest, I'm completely ignoring it in the mornings. I'm still watching the Today Show while reading email and eating my breakfast.
2. Participate in The Happiness Project. Going well!
3. Be able to do headstand in yoga. Oh, it's like I didn't even make this resolution.
4. Save enough to hurt a little. It's not really hurting, but we're definitely saving.
5. Change our net worth by the value of our student loans. We're on schedule for this!
6. Prepare to leave my job. All things considered, this is going well.
7. Declutter -- ideally, reduce our possessions by about 1/3. I made a trip to Goodwill in March and am going to make another one this weekend.
8. Organize digital photos and finish physical scrapbooks. This is something to focus on this month!
9. Take up a crafty hobby. Hey, maybe the scrapbooks can be my crafty project!
10. Create a bucket-list of New York adventures and start checking them off Sort of on schedule?
11. Read through my library. I ruined February's progress by bringing home a zillion books from the free shelf at work. However, I did get an app and am at least keeping track of the books I own now!

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