Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Spending Report

Miscellaneous income $48

Alcohol $37.40
Business expenses $53.23
Charity $105
Clothing $62.57
Dance expense $26
Entertainment $20.52
Food—dining out $365
Food—groceries $231.54
Household $254.40
Gifts $75.52
Hygiene/Medical $56.65
Laundry $10
Rent $1444.69
Student loans $453.83
Stupid Tax $21
Taxes $1,344.21
Transportation $20
Travel $504.80
Utilities $196.89
Total spending: $5,294.25

This was kind of an expensive month! Here are a few reasons:

- Business expenses are a little higher than normal -- I bought some domain names and hosting for something other than this blog.

- Household expenses were way higher than normal! Our Costco membership came up for renewal and so did our non-owner's car insurance policy.

- Gifts were higher than normal. My mom was unexpectedly hospitalized so I went flowers, and one of my sisters had a birthday.

- We did our taxes! That amount represents what we owed both federal and state plus our TurboTax fee. We also paid Peanut's estimated tax for the first quarter of this year.

- Our food spending was out of control! We went out to eat a LOT more than normal, but I think we're over that now. I hope.

- You may have noticed that the regular income section of this report is missing. Peanut and I have decided we are not comfortable with posting our day job income anymore. We know that this blog is not as anonymous as I would like, and it's only a matter of time before more family members find it and we're not okay with all of them knowing exactly how much we make. We don't care if they know how much we spend though! I'll continue to report on "side hustle" income - money that comes in that's not earned by our normal day jobs or interest. This month, that was mostly rebates and some survey income.

I can't believe it's April already!

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  1. that's exactly much how I operate, too - I'd happily tell anyone how much we spend, on what, but I don't put down how much either of us makes, barring extra earned income.


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