Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review: Spa Week Media Event

Whoa, y'all. Just whoa.

I got invited to the Spa Week Media Event last night and decided to check it out. I'm so glad I did!

First of all, it was totally fabulous, with a little red carpet and photographers and everything (boy, was I underdressed!). There were a number of spas there offering mini-massages, facials, and services like eyebrow grooming and foundation color matching. Then there were lots of companies offering samples of makeup, pantyliners, snacks and whatnot. THEN there was a FOOD TABLE filled with really delicious little sandwiches and snacky things PLUS a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN and COOKIES AND FRUIT to dip in it (are you salivating yet?). And then I got a free glass of red wine and basically thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Then I went and got a free hand massage and was pretty sure.

Oh, and then I got my goodie bag and knew it.

Doesn't look like much? Well, it weighed about 14 pounds. 

And want to know WHY it weighed so much? Take a look at what was inside!!


That's a bunch of free full-size hair products, slippers, three packs of gum, five bottles of nail polish, stockings, socks with no toes for warm pedicures, a candle, lip gloss, a hot/cold pack and tons more stuff. And yes, some undies.

Basically, it was a night made of awesome. And I'm going to pass it along to you, because some of this stuff is not my size/color/hair type, and I'm not going to sit on all the love. Keep an eye out for giveaways!

And in the meantime, make sure to check out Spa Week, which starts on April 11. Thousands of spa treatments are only $50! (Make sure to tip on the full cost of the service, not the $50!) Click the image below to find out what's in your area.

Spa Week

(Other than the goodies posted above, I received no payment for this post, and the post was not required for me to get the swag. I'm just a very happy spa week customer and have been for many years.)


  1. Oh lala! Make me wish I was closer to NYC to have been able to take part of the Spa Week Media event! Be sure to join us today on twitter for #spaweekgossip with me as an expert along with others!

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  3. I used to think spa services were silly but as I get older my view has changed. In order to keep your face looking fresh and young, facials are necessary. AND the first thing people see is your face so it's important! Spa services don't need to be $$$$$ especially in NYC. Spas are always competing for business.


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