Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Recap/May Goals

April Goals
1. Spend less eating out. Well, that was a hilarious joke that's been. We are at a seven month high for eating out, in part because of Peanut's lunches out but also because of all the good-bye meals we've been having. It's insane.
2. Deal with Evil Internet Company. I did not do this - I took another look and realized I could deal with it in May instead, so I put it off. :p
3. Serious hardcore decluttering and cleaning. Success! I've gotten rid of a TON of clothes and a lot of houseware items as well. Nothing helps declutter like the threat of moving. Peanut and I also moved the living room furniture and swept behind and underneath everything so I won't be embarrased when the movers come.
4. Three yoga classes. I made it to two. Which is two more than I made it to the month before, so I give myself a B on this.
5. Use stuff up. So-so - I'm throwing out a lot of stuff that I don't love or don't think I'll get around to, and making an inventory so I won't accidentally buy more moisturizer before I use up everything I have. It occurs to me that this must be a problem extreme couponers face!

May Goals
1. Continue decluttering while packing. My goal is to take a cart full of donations to Goodwill every weekend. I've done this twice so far!
2. Start deep cleaning. After the movers leave I will have a day or so to clean the apartment but I want to start doing some cleaning now. This is stuff like cleaning out the refrigerator, bleaching the shower knobs and caulk, patching nail holes, sweeping underneath/behind furniture, magic-erasering marks from lightswitch plates and cupboards, wiping down vertical blinds, and all the other misc bits and pieces that take much longer than you expect. I'm watching marathons of Doctor Who and Castle, and it's the perfect activity to go along with it.
3. Yoga classes when possible. I was amazed at the difference I felt after class last month, even when I felt like I was too tired or sore to go. My evenings are filling up but I'm going to do what I can here.
4. Book movers. I've had one company come out to do an estimate, one company provide an estimate based on an inventory, and another one scheduled for this weekend. We're looking at an outlay of around $4,000 for full-service moving, which is astounding. We could move ourselves for about half that, but the idea of finding friends to come help us pack up a truck, driving the rental truck on the interstate for several days, and finding friends to unload was keeping me up at night. Plus Peanut would have to take several days off work. It may not be the most frugal move ever, but it's given me a lot more peace of mind.

6. Spend less overall. Our spending has really been out of control lately and I want to rein it in. Especially on the eating out front!

Resolutions Update
1. Single-task. Not doing so great with this, although since I'm spending so much time offline, I'm not guilty of watching Twitter and a TV show and writing emails all at the same time.
2. Participate in The Happiness Project. Going pretty well, although I'm not actively doing the weekly projects.
3. Be able to do headstand in yoga. Haven't even thought about it.
4. Save enough to hurt a little. Despite the outflow of cash we're distributing, we are growing our savings.
5. Change our net worth by the value of our student loans. I'm no longer sure what this is going to look like with the move and all.
6. Prepare to leave my job. Going well. I've started handing over a lot of responsibility and making lists of priorities for my replacement.
7. Declutter -- ideally, reduce our possessions by about 1/3. Two trips to Goodwill in April, and another load already started, plus a bunch of things sent to recycling.
8. Organize digital photos and finish physical scrapbooks. A little progress made here!
9. Take up a crafty hobby. On hold since all my non-essentials are basically packed.
10. Create a bucket-list of New York adventures and start checking them off.  I'm focusing on people right now, but I hope to check some things off this weekend.
11. Read through my library. Going okay, actually - I identified a couple books I am not going to take with me, so if I want to read them I have to do it now.


  1. Definitely don't feel bad about hiring movers! That must be such a relief with a cross-country move.

  2. I always find our eating expenses are out of control when we move but they come right back down once we settle in. It's a transient so go easy on yourself, you've got a lot on your plate!


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