Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Spending Report

Alcohol $34.15
Business expenses $3.89
Clothing $41.90
Dance expense $54
Entertainment $30
Food—dining out $55.329
Food—groceries $152.43
Household $2
Gifts $54.98
Hygiene/Medical $40.23
Laundry $8
Moving $520
Rent $2699.69
Student loans $453.83
Taxes $277
Transportation $253.85
Travel $877.80
Utilities $260.57
Yoga $15
Total spending: $6,311.05

Clothing - I'm a little irritated by this. I just bought jeans in January, and they were a great deal, except they were AWFUL and got so stretched out after one wearing I could have used them for maternity jeans - at nine months along. I dealt with it for three months by rolling the waistband down so they'd stay up and then I broke down and went to Old Navy and got two pair that actually fit.

Dance Expense - I went to three classes last month and now that I'm paying per class instead of buying 10-class cards, it seems pricier!

Food spending in general was high but we're working on that to bring it down.

Moving - that's half our security deposit and credit check fee.

Rent - we are now paying dual rent. More on that in a future post, but at least it's only for May and June.

Transportation - ouch! That's what driving will do - gas prices hurt! I'm wondering if we can get around owning a car after all. Moneyapolis does it, and while I'm not sure I'm going to be a fan of biking, I'm going to give it a shot.

Travel - that's pretty much the last of the plane tickets for this long-distance period. I have one more to buy - a one-way ticket out of New York after the movers are booked. Goodbye to bleeding money!

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