Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Moving Update and a Checklist

Moving Update

We have an apartment in our new city, and Peanut is living there with a borrowed mattress and dishes from his parents. It's a big apartment, and about half what we're paying in New York - and it's within walking distance to his office, so he doesn't have to drive his dad's gas-guzzler.

Things here are about half packed - a little more than half, maybe. I'm running out of things to pack that I won't need between now and the move date, so that's good. I'm going slowly to have time to declutter and clean along the way.

We have one piece of furniture to sell and two to give away, but otherwise we're taking everything with us. We shouldn't need to purchase much when we get there, other than a rug for the dining area to protect the carpet. And maybe a vacuum, since there's carpet.

Here's the moving checklist I'm working off of:
  1. Book movers and buy one-way plane ticket. Find somewhere to stay for one night.
  2. File change of address with post office. (Magazine subs have already been updated with the publisher.)
  3. Pack everything we own. 
  4. Cancel Internet, return cable modem, get refund. 
  5. Cancel electric/gas. 
  6. Complete NYC Bucket List. 
  7. Clean after movers leave with everything we own. Putty nail holes in walls.
  8. Schedule walk-through with current landlord. 
  9. Get security deposit back.
  10. Bid farewell to the Big Apple.
 Here are some odd specifics that have come up:
  1. Clean kitchen fan before even considering packing it. Ew.
  2. Remember to pack a week's worth of necessities in carry-on suitcase. Belongings won't arrive for 14 days. Will need more than two pair underwear, especially if I think I might get a job interview during that time. 
  3. Of course, NOW everyone wants to come visit for the last time. After I've packed the blankets and stuff. 
  4. What recipes will enable me to eat an entire bottle of ketchup in a month?
  5. It irritated me a lot that Peanut wanted to save every package that every computer part ever came in - it's not like we have a ton of storage space here. I am SO GRATEFUL that I gave in. It'll be a snap to move three flat-screen monitors in their original boxes.


  1. When are you moving? I can't believe it's gotten here so quickly!

  2. Book your flight on Southwest if you can. They are very hassle free for one way flights. Most other airlines charge double the cost of a round trip!

  3. You are doing great and you seem pretty calm and happy.

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  5. Oh, saving the computer equipment boxes - I always knew there was a good reason I felt like I really had to keep them!

    Now I'm never going to part with them so long as I have the computers.

    Good luck with the rest of the list!

  6. I when through some of your blog posts and in my opinion you have a flair to write. Keep it up, hope more will come !


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