Friday, June 3, 2011

May Recap/June Goals

May Goals
1. Continue decluttering while packing. Doing pretty well. I have two cartloads of books to take to a used bookstore, and another cart to take to Goodwill, plus a number of things to just throw out.
Unless anyone thinks I should move old pillows?

2. Start deep cleaning. So-so. I've magic-erasered some things, but I decided to wait until the Stuff is out of the way before I do the actual cleaning.

3. Yoga classes when possible. I've been consistent with the free yoga classes offered near my apartment on the weekends, and I tried antigravity yoga this week. That was fun!

4. Book movers. Done! They'll be here in mere days.

5. Spend less overall. Better than last month but not a great month by any means.

June Goals
1. Complete move in a calm, non-freaking-out manner. This includes basically ignoring the cost, because it's too late to do anything about it now, and I'm trying to make this my most zen move ever.

2. Leave apartment in shape to receive full security deposit. I probably won't get the deposit until July, but I aim to leave no legal reason for them to withhold anything. 

3. Buy a car. I know! What a weird goal! We've been passively browsing and discussing this, but we're about to get our waitlisted parking space, and I want to have the car early on for when I start my new job (what? I haven't mentioned that here?) so as to have as smooth a transition as possible.

4. Aside from moving expenses, rein in the spending. Especially the food!!!

5. Enjoy living with my husband again. Peanut and I have been living apart for over two months, which is more than a quarter of the time we've been married. I won't lie - it's been hard for me. (And for him, but this is my blog so I'll talk about my experience.) I'm basically totally accustomed to living on my own again, which means eating granola bars for dinner and leftover Indian food for breakfast, sleeping in the middle of the bed, being in total control of the remote, and having ooey-gooey phone calls every night.

Instead of a New Year's Resolution Update, I'll give you a more general life update.
- This was my last week at my job. I didn't break down when I walked out for the last time, because I've spent the entire week feeling sad about it. I loved my job, everyone I worked with, and everything I did. I know I'm already looking back with rose-tinted glasses - part of the reason we decided to leave New York was because of the non-stop more-more-more busy-ness of our jobs. But it was a damn cool job and I was very lucky to have it, and even more lucky to leave on such a great note that if we changed our minds tomorrow and decided to stay, they would hire me back immediately. Awesome.

- I did get a new job. It's not quite as prestigious as my old job, but it's in the area of publishing I like and for books I can get behind. It's basically the most awesome job I can expect to get outside of New York, and I'm excited to start it.

- In selling some of our extraneous furniture on Craigslist, I found some potential renters for our apartment, who would move in before our lease is technically up, which would get us some rent refunded and be a totally awesome story. And also makes me want to leave the place even cleaner, because, you know, I met those people and I don't want them to think we're gross.

- We've been paying dual rent for May and June, and Peanut's been living in our giant Midwest apartment with nothing but a mattress on the floor and his remote control helicopter. Space is so cheap out there, even in a city. It's so weird to wonder what to do with the "extra" closet. (here, the answer would obviously be "rent it out!")

Thanks to everyone who's sticking with me through this radio silence - I'm still accepting guest posts, if anyone wants to send one in, since I'll be almost totally internet-free for about a week or so starting tomorrow. I'm looking forward to blogging our adventures in Midwest money saving - Peanut and I have a state-of-the-budget discussion planned for when I get out there, so we can start a new plan for what to do with our mill...uh, thousands. Will we pay off student loans? Will we start saving for a house? Will we buy a gas-guzzling SUV for full price from a dealer? Only time will tell....


  1. old pillows, sheets, blankets and towels are great items for the humane society!!!

  2. I agree with Suna Freda Debta, they're great for that.

    I love magic erasers. I can't think of anything that works better!

  3. good luck with the move, u seem to have it all under control!

  4. Ditto... good luck with the move!


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