Friday, June 3, 2011

May Spending Recap

Alcohol $91
Business expenses $3.89
Clothing $86.10
Dance expense $20
Entertainment $135.69
Food—dining out $558.01
Food—groceries $237.91
Household $75.42
Gifts $55
Helicopter $155.07
Hygiene/Medical $55
Laundry $25
Moving $251
Rent $2265.89
Student loans $453.83
Transportation $60
Travel $142.90
Utilities $188.60
Yoga $18
Total spending: $5,854.30

New category: Helicopter! Peanut has wanted to take up remote control helicoptering, and given my hobby expenses every month (dance classes, yoga) it seems only fair!

Entertainment was a bit higher than normal - we're both being a lot more social than usual, and a third of that is a board game we've both been wanting to play that we finally found at a store.

We're down over all, but still spending too much on eating out, dual rent, and leeching money on moving expenses. We're in the home stretch - I will be in my new place in just a few days!

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