Monday, June 27, 2011

Moving Update: Hiring Professional Movers

The majority of the costs of moving have come in, so I'm going to give you a rundown!

Here's what we spent:
$70 Application fee for new apartment
$900  Security deposits for new apartment (we each have to pay one...weird)
$1 USPS change of address fee
$250 Deposit for moving company
$2,999.29  Final cost of moving (weight + freight)
$270 Tips for movers
$115  Parking ticket for moving truck
$10 Parking permit deposit
$100  Key deposits

$4,715.29 Total

Was hiring the movers worth it?

I totally think so. It would have been at least $1,200 just to rent a U-Haul truck, plus gas, hotel for at least one night, meals on the road, and missed work. If nothing else, we broke even but I didn't have to carry any boxes or furniture, and that totally works for me!

One outstanding item is the return of our security deposit from our old apartment, which will be about $1,400. I expect to have to pay a few certified mail fees to get that deposit, but I'm hoping not.


  1. I had to convince my chap that we should get professional movers last time we moved (between cities, but only about half an hour in the car). He took a lot of convincing - said we could just get some friends to help, maybe borrow a van etc etc.

    In the end, it took four professional movers six hours to get us from one house to the other - and they were exhausted by the end of it. My boy and I concentrated on the bigger picture stuff - and getting our animals moved happily. Afterwards, my boy said it was the best £350 he's ever spent.

    Unless I was absolutely broke and/or a minimalist, I wouldn't hesitate to hire movers - they're really worth it.

  2. I think you made a great decision, in some aspects of life I prefer to spend money on the experts and try to save my sanity.


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