Friday, July 1, 2011

June Recap/July Goals

June Goals
1. Complete move in a calm, non-freaking-out manner. Success! There was no freaking out, no crying, no fighting, and very little stress overall.

2. Leave apartment in shape to receive full security deposit. Success, I think. I mean, I left it clean, so I should get the full deposit back. I'll know in 6-8 weeks probably.

3. Buy a car. Success!

4. Aside from moving expenses, rein in the spending. Overall, pretty good. We curbed our eating out spending a lot.

5. Enjoy living with my husband again. Success!

July Goals
1. Develop a new budget with savings goals. Per my life decisions post, we've decided what to do with the money we have saved up (post coming!) so we need to implement that and then make a plan for how to handle the money we have coming in.

2. Further bring down food spending. Truly, what we spend on food for two people is obnoxious. I've been able to do a lot more couponing here already, so I'll keep that up, shop the sales, and hopefully we won't go out to eat all that frequently.

3. Create a weekend project grid and start some of the projects. Looking through my old link fest posts, I have shared a number of links for projects or ideas that I like but haven't implemented. Time to systematically go through them!

4. Get some consistent blogging done. I took a much-needed break from regular blogging during the move, but now I'm ready to get back in business.

5. Book my trips. I have a couple trips coming up that I need to book. I don't think tickets are going to get any cheaper, so I might as well bite the bullet.

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  1. I'm sure that it was easy to enjoy living with your husband again. Good luck with the food spending. We struggle in that category.


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