Friday, July 1, 2011

June Spending Report

Business expenses $3.89
Car $9575.46
Clothing $10.77
Dance expense $37
Entertainment $79.93
Food—dining out $394.12
Food—groceries $347.34
Household $139.37
Gifts $141.36
Hygiene/Medical $31.70
Laundry $43
Moving $3,384.29
Rent $928.33
Student loans $2917.70
Taxes $277
Transportation $25
Utilities $256.86
Total spending: $15,674.42

WHEW! Well, once you take out moving and car expenses, it's not really so bad.

Rent - we count the check that we write at the end of the month in that month - so while we did pay dual rent for June (two apartments) that was counted in May. This recap represents the check we wrote IN June FOR July. Our apartment rent includes our parking space, which is doubled for this one time, so that's not quite normal just yet, either. 

Utilities are so high because we had to pay a set-up fee for the internet service, as well as the annual fee for new renter's insurance (we got a pro-rated refund from the New York company). Interestingly our rates here in MN are higher than in NY for the same level of coverage.

Household is higher than usual because we're buying stupid things like plungers and ice cube trays for the new place.

Laundry is so high because we "bought" four rolls of quarters since our laundry room doesn't have a change machine. But we shouldn't have any laundry charges to report for a few months!

Gifts - we had a wedding to attend this month. That's not so bad - we also have one in August, three in September, one in October, and another in May. OY.

Taxes: quarterly estimated payments for 2011.

I'm glad to see the close of this expensive month!

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