Saturday, July 30, 2011

Linkfest! Debt Ceiling Edition

So there's lots of talk about the debt ceiling and what that will mean for the United States and its citizens. I listened to one radio commentator ranting about how if the debt ceiling isn't raised, our credit rating will drop (not to mention we will default). This would "damage our reputation" and "cause problems getting additional funding" not to mention being a "huge embarrassment".

NEWSFLASH: That's how it's supposed to work. Our country does not have enough money to pay its bills. Maybe we need a little drop in credit rating in order to get it - we have to spend less than we bring in. It will suck if the credit rating drops, because it will affect all sorts of things, but let's not pretend it isn't perfectly fair and reasonable for that to happen. We don't deserve infinite credit when we are making bad decisions with our money.

Trent has written The Post on life insurance. Seriously, this is the best point by point description of the different policies I have ever seen. I understand it now!

The federal government's woes mean that airlines won't be collecting or paying sales tax for a while, so what do they do? Raise prices of course! Now not only are they pocketing the sales tax difference, but they're charging more. I just checked and the ticket I'm watching for September went up by $7 for each leg. Greedy jerks.

Oh come on. Now they're making relaxation drinks - to help you come down from your energy drink-induced high.

I have to say, I'm rather glad that the UK banned this super photoshopped ad of Julia Roberts. Advertising is necessary (probably) in our society, but it doesn't have to be deceptive. Maybe the ban will get advertisers to be a little more realistic.

Add a "snooze" option to Gmail. So cool!

Complaint contact info for major companies. Very useful!

My love affair with Smart, Pretty & Awkward continues. This post's how to be smarter is about to become my anti-procrastination mantra.

Lastly, I am traveling this weekend, and I emailed Air Tran about getting the federal tax that I paid and which the FAA currently has no authority to collect refunded. Looks like it's possible - although the IRS clearly said they have asked airlines to handle the refunds, but if they refuse, they'll issue guidelines for requesting refunds from the feds at a later date.

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