Monday, July 4, 2011


Stacking Pennies asks what would you take if you had to evacuate your home due to flooding or some other disaster. I'd take our computers and backups (or at least the backups), my scrapbooks, and then I'd try to pack sensibly -- our birth and marriage certificates from our files, maybe a couple other files of medical history type stuff, and two suitcases full of all the clothes we're likely to need for a few more weeks. Maybe a box/bag of nonperishable food and things like a pot or pan, a can opener, some utensils. Our phone chargers. My ereader so I'll have something to do. And a camera to document the damage when we can return home.

This list of ways to save money with your smartphones is where I found the app that tells me where the cheapest gas is around me.

A great weekend project - how to organize all your data into a worst-case-scenario document.

Gretchen Rubin asks how your happiness project is going. The happiness project was one of my new year's resolutions, and I haven't been updating here about it at all lately. I have been reading her blog posts and following along with it, but truly, I think the thing that made the biggest difference was this move. I am just SO HAPPY to be with Peanut. I'm also so happy to be out of New York City - I didn't realize while I was there how stressful it was to work and live there. I may sing a different tune come winter, but I'm delighted with Minnesota so far. 

Oh, the shame of your first online handle! Mine was a nickname my high school roommate had given me that sort of sounds like my first name - but could also bring to mind a long-dead famous musician, who I'd never heard of. I got a lot of comments about how I must be such a big fan of [musician] and then I'd be like, Um, what? No, it kind of sounds like my name.

Some things are okay to keep just as hobbies! This is a great message and one I've taken to heart for a number of my hobbies - I don't need to have them all as side jobs, too. It requires so much effort that sometimes it takes the passion out of it.

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