Friday, July 22, 2011


How much do you think you'll put down on a house? Is 20% still relevant? It is for Peanut and I, to avoid PMI, but I realized that we'll have to save more than 20% to cover closing costs. Boo, hiss.

I kind of thought this post about what brands that might disappear next year was stupid, until I saw that they correctly predicted Blockbuster, Borders, the T-Mobile merger, and Radio Shack's problems for 2011.

Ads for new products are being digitally added to old re-runs. Um. Do not like.

The Two-Income Trap - this is why Peanut and I are trying to live on one income (the lower of the two) consistently.

A guide for choosing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Now that I've kind of gotten back into it, Matter of Cents described how she got started in mystery shopping.

One less thing: microbeads. I never thought about how truly bad these things are for the environment. I sure won't be buying anything containing them ever again.

I love this "less awkward" tip: if you're not sure whether to do something, imagine both outcomes and go with the one that doesn't bother you.

Here's how the new debit card rules might affect you.

I love Friday takeout date nights! I told Peanut we are copying The Frugal Girl when we have kids.

Back-up meals are definitely important. Mine are scrambled eggs, and I try to keep black bean burgers in the freezer at all times.

Zen Habits has an inspiring rant about not playing the game.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is open for business!

Monroe or Einstein: Do you need glasses? Luckily, my LASIK surgery is still doing what I paid for it to do.

I've been cranky lately about the amount of time that meal planning and shopping has been taking. A friend sent me a book called The Stocked Kitchen, which looks like such a cool concept - and then here's a post about the benefits of a well-stocked pantry. I may change my grocery shopping/menu planning strategy for a while and see how it goes. What do you think about stocked kitchen planning as opposed to planning what you want and shopping the sales?


  1. If The Stocked Kitchen turns out to be a good book definitely blog about it. It's a great idea! I often buy staples when they go on sale, but I find myself making the same meals over and over. I'd love to see if this book could break us out of our routine!

  2. I put 20% down on my first home in 2007 and then got unexpectedly relocated the next year and had to sell. Home prices had begun to fall, and I lost a big chunk of my investment.

    On the home I had last year, I got an FHA loan and only put down 5%, at the advice of several mortgage folks. It drove me crazy not to do 20% but their rationalization was it was better to keep my assets fluid right now than tied up in a mortgage on a house that I might not live in for more than five to 10 years (my husband and I are still young and without children). My house was relatively cheap, so the PMI didn't make a huge difference on my monthly payment, and their advice on keeping my assets fluid has turned out to be good advice.

    I don't think the advice is right for everyone, but I also can see where 20% isn't absolutely necessary.

  3. I always enjoy links to other blogs and articles. Thank you.

    It's also nice to see you back in full force blogging.

  4. Thanks for linking to SP&A! So glad you enjoyed the 'less awkward' tip :)



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