Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Well then

At my in-laws' house this weekend, my mother-in-law showed me a stash she's started - of BABY STUFF. A bouncy chair, cute little outfits for baby girls. She's finding the stuff on deep clearance at Target, and using her employee discount to get an even better deal.

Whose baby is this for?

Oh, yes. Peanut's and my still very-much-hypothetical child.

Have I mentioned that my own mother has had a crib in her home for several YEARS? And that for last Christmas she gave me a quilt-making kit for a baby quilt? (Or, um, that I have made most of it already?)

Happily, these anecdotes are not meant to be complainy - Peanut and I have been married not even a year, and while everyone's asking when the babies are coming, no one is pressuring us or making us antsy. In fact, I'm thrilled - thrilled that all of these people are already planning for our eventual progeny and starting to stock up (at good deals!) on stuff that we'll otherwise have to register for - and between One Frugal Girl and Blogging Away Debt, I definitely see the value of getting the necessary stuff out of the way cheap and early!


  1. That's great to have so much help - baby stuff can definitely add up and help with some of those big ticket items like the crib are awesome! Especially if you don't feel pressured to live up to the purchases quite yet! That's going to save you a lot. :)

  2. lol, that is kind of funny. I am actually surprised my mom hasn't started doing the same thing. but i've only been married a month, i'm sure it will happen in time. : ) Luckily, I have some nieces and nephews that are keeping both of our parents happy ... for now.

  3. Kudos to taking it in stride. I don't think I would have handled it so gracefully, but then, I'm not sure kids will ever be in our future. But if kids are in your future, it would be a great help to start out with so much.

  4. That's so nice of both of your moms, and awesome that you're not bothered by any of that. I guess they're really managing to avoid being pushy, which is good. And baby stuff is EXPENSIVE! It'll be awesome for you to have all of that on hand later.

  5. Haha.. that's funny. I think the pressure would get to me though. sounds like you are handling it well.

  6. Having children is a very personal thing, some people want them and some don't, and even when you want them it can be difficult to conceive. You have a great attitude about your mother-in-law starting a baby stash for you. I know a lot of daughter-in-laws that would have been offended by the gesture.

    It sounds like you and Peanut think children will be in your future. If that's the case I wish you the best of luck! Anticipating the arrival of our little one is like nothing I could have ever imagined!

    One word to the wise though, in terms of baby outfits and baby clothes you should recommend your mother-in-law think carefully. You never know when your baby will be born and a closet full of summer clothes won't do you any good if the little one decides to make it's arrival in December!

  7. This would drive me nuts. But hopefully I would be as rational as you and just let it go.

    Almost no one has asked us much about kids, probably because T is still finishing his PhD and they know we'll wait.

  8. I am really impressed with your gracious attitude. My in-laws really want us to have a child, we've just been married a year and the hints, comments and glances at my stomach or when I drink alcohol really irritate myself and my husband. If they starting buying baby items for us before we had conceived I would be furious and not accept the items. They will have months to purchase gifts for the baby while I'm pregnant. P.S great advice from One Frugal Girl about the clothing and seasons.


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