Monday, August 1, 2011

July Recap/August Goals

July Goals
1. Develop a new budget with savings goals. Done-ish. Which is to say, we've got a spending limit (as opposed to a budget) and we promptly ignored it for the month of July. There were a lot of reasons for that, some of them reasonable and some of them not so much, but it is what it is.

2. Further bring down food spending. Done! We spent nearly $200 less this month on food than we did last month. That's heading in the right direction, although it's still too expensive in my opinion.

3. Create a weekend project grid and start some of the projects. Not done.Completely forgotten about, in fact. Rolling over into next month!

4. Get some consistent blogging done. Doing better although I'm not sure that I'd call it "consistent".

5. Book my trips. So-so. I booked one (that I'm in the midst of as you read this) but haven't done anything about the other two.

August Goals
1. Book my two September trips and weekend project grid. Two plane tickets, one rental car, two wedding presents. Just bleeding money out the window.

2. Spend less on food. I want to be under $500 for the month for both groceries and dining out. I think this will require some more dedicated meal planning than we've done for a while.

3. Set up savings tracker. Now that I've got a goal in mind and a way to achieve it, I want to set up a tracker to help keep me on track to meet it. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to share it here (when we discovered some family members were reading this, we became a little more leery of spending income and savings balances) but I might show percentages without numbers, maybe.

4. Buy nothing new (except food). This might be a cheat, because I don't really have anything in mind, but that's exactly my point. I didn't have anything in mind to buy in July, but I wound up clothes shopping and shoe shopping and who knows what else. Also, we bought a vacuum, which we needed and had been planning on, but I am kind of reeling from that fairly large purchase.

5. Find a local dentist, make an appointment, and transfer my records from my old dentist. Self-explanatory.

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  1. Good luck on your meal planning, that is also a challenge for myself this month after a high spending July.


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