Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Linkfest: Not many links edition

This should not be legal! The flavor of your OJ is probably fake. What else is fake too?

I'm also a big fan of becoming the expert at work.

I've been feeling like the coupon game isn't worth it, too, and I never was all that crazy about it. (I haven't gotten anything for free, for example, much less made any money on anything.)

I think I might try for a no-contract deal on my next cell phone, too.

Fun thing to watch for next week: my student loan rebate ($279) should be approved. That's a little more than a full payment I don't have to make!
I have found myself spending far too much time online lately. Between traveling, a work conference, trying to run a couple of blogs and keep on top of all the things I'm interested in, I've been sort of losing touch with real life. Here are some steps I'm taking to end that feeling:
  1. If I read a blog post in Google Reader and I can't remember the previous post by that blogger, or I find myself scrolling by even once, they get removed from the list. Likewise, Twitter.
  2. Trying to get Real Life done before Online Life. So, dishes need to be washed, living room straightened, etc. before I get on the computer. If Peanut wants to go for a walk, that's more important.
  3. Deal with emails once. Read and respond, or don't read, but don't read and then marked unread to get back to it later.
  4. Considering giving up the iPhone. I've been un-enamored of the iPhone since about a month after I got it, and I'm now out of contract. Do I really still want to keep paying for this fancy phone when I can just get one that's good for making phone calls?


  1. Becoming an expert is probably good for job security, but it can be a time suck and constant interruption too.

  2. #3 is EXACTLY what I've been telling myself for several months.... not exactly getting better at it, but glad to know I'm not the only one struggling with that :-)


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