Saturday, August 20, 2011


A delicious selection of options for cheap and healthy lunches. I generally take a salad (lettuce, sliced gala apples, bleu cheese, a handful of mixed nuts with raspberry vinaigrette) but some of the options listed by chefs there sound like a nice changeup.

Trent breaks down the dollars and sense of unplugging devices like the microwave when not in use. Clearly, it's valuable in small increments and depending on your own situation. I'm going to take a look around to see what can be unplugged in my own home.

Here's another one for the "weekend project" file: an in-case-of folder, and don't forget instructions for your digital life in there!

I quit drinking caffeine after a withdrawal migraine at the beginning of the month ruined a housewarming party for me. I'd like to not develop a habit again, but I expect that I'll drink coffee occasionally. This article will help me take advantage of the power of caffeine when I decide to use it in the future.

Here's an interesting look at the common costs that are only going to rise in the future. Fuel doesn't just mean gas for your car -- airline tickets have been increasing rapidly, and are going to continue in that direction. It won't be long before it makes more sense for me to drive to visit my family than to fly. 

If Wells Fargo extends checking account fees to our state, we'll be moving to another bank. It looks like you can have the fee waived with certain circumstances, but I feel like, I'm loaning you my money in the first place by keeping it in your bank, and your interest rate is pitiful. You want to charge me fees on top of that?

Cordelia guest blogs at Brazen Careerist, where she talks about how to be an awesome employee in a less-than-awesome job. 

To get to the root of a clutter problem, declutter your fantasy self. You know - do you think you are the kind of person who is crafty, but in reality,  you'll buy a blanket before knitting one? So get rid of the yarn and needles!

Sad - 64% of Americans can't pay for a $1,000 cash emergency. That's a deductible, right there, and most people can't afford to deal with it without resorting to credit, cash advances, or selling some of their belongings to cover it.

And, most fascinating, I know now why going to the grocery store after work makes me want to cry: decision fatigue. The article is long, but really interesting. It's another example of those theories that everyone sort of knows, deep down, but now science has some testable evidence. 

I hope you're all have a great weekend!

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