Sunday, August 14, 2011

Money For Nothing

I am so thankful that we're at the point we are. We have a fully funded emergency fund. We have two stable jobs, bringing in plenty to cover our living expenses. We have a paid-for car in great condition. We track our spending - every dollar. Our only debt is student loans, which we pay on time every month. We pay our credit cards off in full every month. We max out a Roth IRA each and contribute to 401(k)s up to the match every year. We've officially started saving for a house, and it doesn't even require that much sacrifice. If I wanted to leave work for a few years to raise children, the only downside would be that it would delay repaying our student loans at an accelerated rate for that time.

Unfortunately, that doesn't leave much to write about. It's hard to write about money when there's not much going on with it. I haven't lost motivation or interest - I just haven't really had to think about money lately. I wish time would speed up a little so we'd have enough money saved to start house-hunting already, but other than that, I've been letting other things occupy my mind and time. It's been nice, but I guess not so great for the old blog.

So instead of talking about money, I'll talk about free things - as in, the ones that are all over the freakin' place here in Minnesota:
* Irish Festival (Irish dancing! Bagpipes! Kilts! Free!)
* Greek Festival 
* Sitting on the beach at the lake and splashing in the water
* Free Thursday nights at the art museum, where I saw an exhibit curated by John Waters, and the most interesting display to me was one where they showed all the invoices and bills associated with creating the exhibit.
* Yoga in the park
* Walking in the park
* Movies in the park
* Music in the park
* Going to my in-laws house to swim in their pool
* Game nights at home or at friends' homes
* Reading books I already have
* Gaming on a platform that I already purchased and have no ongoing fee for
* Sleeping. I gave up caffeine last weekend and I have been sleeping SO WELL ever since.

Basically, all the things associated with spending money are kind of a drag in comparison with the fun I can have for free. Driving to get there, finding parking, lugging around a wallet, comparing quality or prices, waiting in line, getting home and discovering I got the wrong size or color or whatever, finding a place to put it, and eventually forgetting all about it - boring. Walking two blocks to the park holding just a book and a water bottle is SO much more fun.

Are your summer plans working out to be free, too?


  1. I think what you have achieved in a sense is financial freedom and it's a great feeling.

    Nothing wrong with it what so ever. Maybe you can tailor your blog towards that or tell stories that happened in the past or present.

    It has to be awesome to feel like that even if it means you've ran out of gas for the blog.

  2. It's great that you don't have to worry about money. I would prefer you have nothing to write about regarding finances then to have you worry about debts.

    Feel free to write about anything your heart desires I'm sure it'll be just as interesting and entertaining.

  3. I love your money posts, but like the previous commenters I think it's a great testament to what you've achieved that you're running out of topics! Plus, I'd love to hear more about your new life in Minnesota. I have a few friends who have ended up there for various reasons, and they rave about it, or at least everything but the snow.


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