Monday, August 29, 2011

My wallet is crying!

This weekend was an expensive one!

First, I went to the Minnesota State Fair on Friday. I had never been before, and it's, like, kind of a big deal here. I went with a friend since big crowds of  people eating expensive fried food is (generally) not Peanut's idea of a good time (see exception below!). My friend and I spent about nine hours there, people-watching and animal-watching (we saw a baby chick hatch!), eating fried foods and drinking root beer floats and apple cider and wandering around looking at things. It wasn't an inexpensive afternoon, but I did a couple things to make it a little better. We planned ahead for this trip, and picked up the only discount tickets I was able to find, which are only available before the fair starts. We took public transportation there and back to avoid parking costs (it was still cheaper for us to ride the bus both ways than for us to park one car there, yay!). I ate lunch before I went and was circumspect with what I bought foodwise, making sure I really wanted to EAT something, not just TASTE it. I tried to avoid buying any beverages, but it was really hot and I was starting to feel sick, so I did buy one bottle of water, which I filled up at drinking fountains after that. Still, I spent $30 on food and rides in one afternoon, plus $9 for the ticket.

On Saturday, I went to a bachelorette party for one of Peanut's friends. It was so nice of them to invite me, but I was also kind of nervous because I didn't really know anyone very well, and I didn't know most of the other women at all. I'm also not a big drinker and didn't want to have to run around with penis straws or other paraphernalia and act like an idiot. Luckily, it wasn't that bad - the bridal party had rented a party bus, so we BYOB'd most of the drinks and drove around to different places to go dancing (and they'd picked places with no cover, which was even better!). The whole evening cost me my share of one party bus, one drink at one of the venues, and one gift. And I had a lot of fun!

Then on Sunday, Peanut and I and some friends went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. (This is the exception to Peanut's crowds-and-expensive-food rule.) We LOVE the Ren Fest and go every year. This year was middlingly expensive. We had coupons (one for $5, one for $3 off) and ate before we left. We didn't buy a ton of food, and I brought an empty water bottle with me to fill up but unfortunately couldn't find any potable water to fill it with, so I had to buy a bottle there. I could have had free beer if I'd gone to the beer tasting, but I decided to go to a knife-throwing show instead - I had enough alcohol on Saturday to last me a few weeks. We tipped the performers we liked but avoided buying any souvenirs or anything else. I did that my first two times at the Ren Fest, and now I've got some weird jewelry I can't wear with my normal clothes and that kind of gives me away as a Giant Nerd. I went in a costume put together from pieces of clothing I've actually worn in my real life, and we got rained on, and generally had an excellent time.

Most of our weekends are full of things like laundry and grocery shopping (both of which, believe it or not, happened this weekend also!) so it was nice to have such a busy, social weekend for a change. But I'm glad that's a rarity, because I'm still tired from all the walking, and I don't even want to add up the total we spent from noon on Friday until last night.

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend:) Do you think the money was well spent?


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