Friday, September 2, 2011

August Recap/September Goals

August Goals
1. Book my two September trips and weekend project grid. Trips booked, rental car rented, wedding gifts....thought about, and weekend project grid updated. Not that much has been accomplished off the grid, but I've added stuff and made some plans to get some stuff done.

2. Spend less on food. Fail...thanks, state fair and ren fest. And meals out. And Costco.

3. Set up savings tracker. Set we just need to have some money to put in it. I've been a little disappointed that we haven't really transferred anything over to savings in the last couple months. But we did max out our Roth IRAs this summer, so it's not like we haven't been saving - it just hasn't been getting into the house fund.

4. Buy nothing new (except food).

5. Find a local dentist, make an appointment, and transfer my records from my old dentist. Success! Unfortunately, I got some bad (read: expensive) news, but at least I got it.

September Goals
1. Make endodontist appointment.  Some of the bad news I got today involves taking out an old crown and root canal and either re-doing it or getting an implant (and IMPLANT. A FAKE TOOTH. AT MY AGE.).

2. Keep the eating out in check. No guidelines here, really, but I'd like to try to keep it to mystery shops if possible.

3. Transfer $1,000 to the house fund. Thus starts the official hardcore savings for our future house!

4. Start checking things off the weekend list. I've got some half-finished projects I could probably finish up this month, if I put my mind to it.

5. Go easy on myself. A wedding every weekend is tiring in and of itself, so I want to try to take it easy on myself if I don't get all the things done or spend as little as I'd like. People before things and all that.

What are your goals?

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  1. Good luck for the house savings, $1000.00 into house savings is one of our goals for September too. Sometimes it does seem hard but then I remind myself that every fortnight we contirbute to our retirement savings plans, make student loan repayments, a payment to our Christmas fund and to our holiday fund as well as the house savings. Some times you just got to have a bit of fun.


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