Friday, September 2, 2011

August Spending Review

Business expenses $969.89
Car (gasoline) $110.24
Entertainment $79.95
Food—dining out $272.14
Food—groceries $367.88
Gifts $200.16
Household $274.23
Helicopter $44.28
Hygiene/Medical $33.74
Mystery Shopping $47.36
Rent $830
Student loans $403.83
Travel $353.80
Utilities $246.60
Yoga $43.00
Total Spending: $3,873
Things of note: 
Business expenses - As I mentioned last month, I'll be incurring business expenses on a regular basis, but for the most part I'll probably try to put these on my own card to get reward points instead of the corporate AmEx that doesn't do anything for me (this is okay with my boss). Yay!

Groceries - I'm surprised that this came in so high, but I guess there are two Costco trips this month and several grocery trips. And dining out wound up a bit lower, so that's good.

Gifts - It's the start of wedding season!

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