Saturday, September 3, 2011

Do you remember....the 21st night...of September...

Now that I've got that song stuck in your head, here's a question for you: do you shop at seasonal sales?

I don't really. I'm usually too busy enjoying my three day weekend to go to the mall. I've never participated in Black Friday (well, I've worked it but that's different). I don't make large purchases like refrigerators or mattresses or whatever that would benefit from shopping during those blow-out events.

Instead, I tend to go by the list of what to buy during what month, which usually includes items on clearance, like January for holiday items and November 1 for Halloween candy. The list of what's on sale in September this year just got posted - I specifically noted that October might be a better month to get deals on airfare for the holidays. That's an expense that's coming up soon, but maybe I'll wait until then to start really looking.

I probably will be doing some shopping this weekend - but not for those September deals. Instead, it'll be for wedding gifts. I've got weddings every weekend until the first of October! Luckily I love weddings and I like all the people and the people they're getting married to.

Do you shop at seasonal sales, even the ones that are kind of made up holidays? Do you shop by monthly deals? What's the best deal you've ever gotten?

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  1. I'm in Canada, so no awesome sales going on here this weekend, but I am hoping to find sales on gardening tools later on in the month! :)


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