Thursday, September 22, 2011

Insurance Drama

Insurance drama is swirling all over the place!

Penny Frugalista discovered the doctor is charging incorrect copays! And I just had some expensive dental work done, and the itemized receipts they gave me made no sense at all. I have to sit down and look more closely at them, but this is something I never thought of - I assume that the people at the desk can look at my insurance and see what I should be paying. But what if they're wrong? I have to sit down tonight with receipts and coverage information and see if I can figure out if all of this is fair or not.

This is not the only insurance drama going on in my life right now. Peanut and I are temporarily covered by two health insurance policies, and I have a feeling that might be about to cause us a problem.

See, he started his new job in April, and I started mine in June. We were covered by my old policy until the end of June, and my new policy (health + dental, $95.58 per paycheck) starting July 1. Technically, we should have been (and maybe were) covered by his new policy (health only, his company covers all premiums) starting in April but we never got any paperwork, never got any contact information or identification numbers, weren't even sure who the insurance carrier was...until AUGUST. The hold-up didn't seem to be internal with Peanut's work, so we're not sure what happened there. Anyway, we signed up with my work's insurance to make sure we'd have time to evaluate and compare the plans and go with the one that offers the best coverage when the next open enrollment came around (which should be next month, I think).

Today his insurance company called and was sniffing around for lots of details regarding the other coverage - I'm afraid they might be gearing up to refuse to cover something if we were to go to the doctor. I'm also starting to look for individual dental plans, because it seems that the health + dental I get is pretty crappy for almost $200 per month, and I bet I can find dental only cheaper. Then we'd go with his insurance only plus individual dental coverage, save some money, and not give anyone any reason to refuse to cover us.

And to those of you who've asked, yes, I will definitely blog about the whole individual dental insurance search as I do it - I just have to sit down and have a chance to do so!

Do you have any go-to resources for understanding insurance, especially situations where there's dual coverage and who has to cover what?

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  1. My understanding is that insurance provided by the employer is the primary insurance for the employee. If they are also covered by their spouse's plan, that is the secondary insurance. However, they do not have to pick up what the primary insurance did not pay. For example, if the bill was $200 and both the primary and secondary insurance say they will pay $100, then the primary insurance pays $100, secondary insurance pays $0 and you pay $100.


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