Friday, September 2, 2011


On my post about weekend expenses, Sophie asked a FANTASTIC question: did I think the money was well spent. The answer to that is YES! I had an amazing time the whole weekend, and while I'm glad every weekend is not so spendy or so busy, I do enjoy living it up on occasion - and last weekend was a great example of that.

Here are ten cleaning products you don't need to buy - because you already have substitutes in your cupboards!

AT&T has removed all tiered messaging options from their plans and only offers unlimited or pay-per-message. I've got a plan of 100 messages per month right now and I am not interested in unlimited OR pay per use. I know they say old customers can keep their existing option even when changing handsets but...color me skeptical. I'm betting if I make any change to my account, I'll have to switch.

Another gem from Trent: preparing for your next act. Five years ago I would have been shocked to hear that I'd left New York, much less for the midwest. Five years from now? Here's hoping for a healthy kid (or two), a house, a garden. I've got no idea what else is in store.

Batch freezer cooking - for the crockpot! Brilliant!!

I didn't sit down to do the math, but I came to the same conclusion: crazy couponing is not worth it for me. I'll flip through the circular and the coupon booklets on my own, but I'm only going to clip or print for stuff I buy anyway.

I found Minting Nickels' post On Being a B fantastically interesting and inspiring. Some things are so much more important than being the best.

Hurricane Irene didn't affect me, since I left New York a few months ago. But if it had, I would have had to do quite a bit to prepare, most likely. One Frugal Girl points out another benefit of maintaining stockpiles: it's easy to prepare for bad weather! I especially like her plan to bake brownies or cookies to make the boredom a little more bearable.

This came up twice in my life in the last week: Hipmunk is the new best way to plan travel. I can't wait to try it out for my next trip.

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