Friday, October 14, 2011


One Frugal Girl discovers an easy way to ensure quick and healthy dinners at home, by cooking a little extra chicken at the beginning of the week. I also discovered this recently, when we made a big batch of chili that kept us in quick and easy lunches and dinners all week. My goal for the winter is to do up a big batch of chili, soup, or stew on Sundays from now on to keep the week going smoothly.

Adaptu shows how much you should save every year to have enough to cover college for your kids. Yikes!

October 16-22 is the 4th Annual Protect Your Identity Week. (hat tip to Ms. Money Savvy) We shred all our sensitive documents already, but if you don't have a shredder, you can find a community shredding program near you. My biggest recommendation for protecting yourself from identity theft is to check your statements regularly (ideally once a week) and compare charges to your records before paying the bill. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff has a great story about why that's important!

Amber at Blonde & Balanced writes about saving for other expenses associated with buying a new home - like all the things you need for a house that you don't need for an apartment! Lawn mower, blinds/curtains, furniture, a grill, etc. You'll start to see more posts on here about buying a first home, eventually - we've been saving and are almost to the point of starting to look instead of just dreaming about it.

I have been loving the style posts over at Small Notebook - this one perfectly describes the style I'd like to achieve: comfortably dressy. I'm an underbuyer, so I struggle with spending a lot of money on one item, but looking over my cheap sweater collection this year, I realize the problem that causes: all of my sweaters are pilled, worn, and ugly looking. I'm not comfortable wearing them to the office, so - once again - I need to go shopping for winter clothes. Maybe this year it's time to spend the money on cashmere and quality.

Great question to filter the gifts that you buy: Will this end up at a thrift shop or yard sale?

Thanks to Jeremy for including me in the top personal finance posts of the week, over at Personal Finance Whiz.

As usual, Trent has blown me away with his careful analysis and explanation of the current financial situation - I'm lucky that no one is pressuring me about not being as settled as my parents were at my age, but this post is what I would turn to if they were: A Dose of Financial Reality, or why today's twenty-somethings have it much harder than the previous generation.

Cate's stuff I want post rang awfully true to me. I haven't been keeping a list like that because I hope I'll forget certain items, but then when I do have a little money to spend on decorations or something, I never know what I want. Maybe I should save them and keep dreaming!

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who's having problems with the new Department of Education website!

Did you know warehouse clubs sell insurance? Me, either! I'm going to investigate in my hunt for private dental insurance.

I really needed to read this post about expecting a "daily yoga" body while only practicing once a week. It relates to a lot more than working out!

What are your favorite links from around the web this week?

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  1. Thanks for the link! If you make anything particularly tasty blog about it or send me an email. I'm always on the lookout for new recipes. Oh and here's a trick... Try to use less protein in whatever you make. In addition to cooking chicken in advance I've just realized I can add more veggies and other ingredients to dishes and use half as much as the recipe calls for. It'll make life easier and help you stretch a buck!


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