Friday, October 21, 2011


Good tips for preparing your car for winter, and another on winter drive safety tips.

Over at The Happiness Project, Gretchen asked "What's your pigeon of discontent?" Oh, I have so many - half finished projects, waking up late, feeling unfairly charged's an interesting way to look at the little things that affect my mood.

I found this little gas calculator when trying to decide if it was worth driving out to a new store where I could get a good deal.

This Ask Unclutterer is a fantastic tip - a tool that checks for duplicate files when you're transferring over to a new computer. I've been doing this manually as one of my weekend projects, and it's utterly boring.

Small Notebook's official Shopping Guide for Comfortably Dressy Style - bookmarked!

FB asks what do you NOT spend on groceries? We also don't buy a lot of meat, shop on a weekly basis (but we do shop to stock up), and a new one is that I no longer buy breakfast cereal. I never bought the sugary kids cereals, but I did get like Special K or something pretty regularly, but no more.

You can also check my StumbleUpon page for neat things I found there this week.

Have you seen any great links this week that I should read?

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