Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick update

  • Thanks so much for all your thoughts on my hobby problem! I'm trying out a few different things (like doing a few minutes of each hobby for a week, or devoting days to a hobby for a week or two) and I'll let you know how that goes. 
  • I'm researching personal dental insurance, and What. A. Nightmare. I'm close to figuring out a plan, after I have approximately 96 straight hours free to crunch numbers and make phone calls. 
  • I've been using the crock pot more, and haven't liked most of the recipes I've made in it. I have, however, been eating them anyway. Today I had really acidic, lame homemade minestrone with super soggy noodles. I saved $6 plus whatever the food I would've thrown away costs.  
  • Tomorrow, I will have really acidic, lame homemade minestrone with even soggier noodles. I will save another $6 plus whatever the food I would've thrown away might cost. 
  • Therefore, I am so hardcore at PF. It helps to remind myself this even though I spent $16 unplanned at the Target As-Is Thrift Store. What an evil place!
  • There is so much going on in my life right now. So ridiculously much. I'm like a squirrel, burrowing in for the winter. I keep cleaning and arranging and decluttering and updating computers and crossing things off to-do lists and putting things away and wanting to spruce things up. I know I'm about to be locked inside for the next six months, and I want it to be a pleasant place to be locked into, I guess. 
  • My student loan company "updated" their website, resulting in my completely losing access to everything. Even their phone reps can't help me pay my bill! This is the first time I've ever missed a payment date in my life and I am freaking out. Even though they say that there are no due dates this month because of the switch. I am worried that they'll get everything back and then say I missed a payment. Or not have rolled in my rebates. Or have gotten the total wrong, in their favor, and I'll never be able to prove it. I don't get statements, not even email reminders to pay, and I didn't download anything off the old site because I didn't know they were going to change anything. Am I completely paranoid?


  1. Sorry about your student loans. Hopefully they'll stick to their word.

    Here's a really easy/cheap crock pot recipe: chicken, a cup of ketchup and a can of Diet Coke. Cook on high for 4 hrs or low for 6 hrs. Tastes like BBQ chicken!

  2. Oh man, I have a ton of good crockpot recipes. Google "Cooking Light Vegetable Lasagna" (we swap out spinach and use thin-sliced zucchini). The pesto makes it fantastic!

    Another good one is on and corn chili. Don't pre-cook the chicken (and feel free to use less than they say), double the beans, and use canned Rotel or diced tomatoes instead of salsa and double them too. I add 1/2 bag of frozen corn to it about 1/2 an hour before I want to eat so it won't overcook. Super budget-friendly and delicious!

  3. I never have good luck with crock pots either. First, they require me to have it together in the morning with time to make the prep then. And most say something like "cook for 5 hours", which is a highly inconvenient amount of time. Then, they all taste... not great.

  4. Add noodles at the end of the cooking, not the beginning.

    Also you can prep the crock pot the night before and refrigerate it until you plug it in in the morning.

  5. I use the slow cooker mostly on the weekends, actually. It can be hard to get everything together enough on a weekday morning to make it work. I love using it on the weekends though because I can make the shorter recipes that only take a few hours, leave to do errands, and come back to dinner ready.

    And yeah, any quick-cooking vegetable or noodles should be added at the end (or you could cook noodles separately on the stove and store them separately until you eat each time--noodles always keep absorbing broth/water and can really dry out a soup).

    Ooh, I just remembered another one--look on for "Keon's Slow Cooker Curry." We make that one with a big chopped baking potato added and extras of all the veggies. It's great (albeit probably not that authentic).


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