Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Recap/October Goals

September Goals
1. Make endodontist appointment.  Done and done. My root canal has been fixed (probably the worst dental experience of my life) and I have to go back to the dentist to remove the temporary filling and do whatever they're going to do to finish it off. It looks like this tooth will have to be pulled and replaced with an implant or bridge at some point in my life, but we're talking maybe ten years or more out now. Hopefully I'll have much better dental coverage at that time.

2. Keep the eating out in check.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Moving right along.

3. Transfer $1,000 to the house fund. SUCCESS! And in duplicate, since I was able to move over $2,000! If we can keep this up, we will have a pretty healthy down-payment by the time we start visiting open houses in February or so.

4. Start checking things off the weekend list. Kind of - I was far too optimistic that I'd have a lot of free time what with all the weddings, but I have gotten a few things done. Now that the cold weather is starting up, I think I'm going to have lots of evenings and weekends to fill up with projects.

5. Go easy on myself. This goal went pretty well! We spent too much eating out and I didn't get as much done as I would've liked, but I'm not all that emotionally torn up about it. I spent some quality time with a lot of people, and I've watched four couples exchange marriage vows, so it's been a pretty special month.

October Goals
1. Weekend projects! First and foremost is Halloween costumes. Peanut wants to be The Man in Black which, of course, makes me Princess Buttercup. We had the Impressive Clergyman on our wedding programs, so this will be a FUN project, and totally us.

2. Try some new crockpot recipes. We made a batch of chili two weeks ago that lasted for the entire week - what an easy way to cook! I want to find more crockpot recipe that gives us two or three meals through the week. Any good recipes? I think my next one is a lentil stew of some sort.

3. Save another $2,000 to the house fund. I don't think this will be a problem, but if you fail to plan, you plan to fail and all that.

4. Up our student loan repayments to $500. We've been paying the minimums while saving for the move and now a house and all that. At that rate, it'll take us 90 months to pay off our remaining loans (seven and a half YEARS!). By upping it just $100 per month (which probably won't even hurt), we'll cut that time by almost two years, to 5.8 years. And hopefully once we are done saving for a house, we can shove more money at the loans and knock them out even sooner.

5. Change the oil in our car. I'd like to do this myself (to save money and because I like working on cars) but living in an apartment building has the drawback that I can't do automotive work in our parking lot. I might take it to my in-laws but we'll see how quickly the weather gets super chilly.

6. Speaking of chilly, here's a bonus goal: buy winter boots. I have a pair of sneakers and basically no other winter-appropriate footwear. I will probably need to remedy that this month.

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  1. Hey Miss Moneybags. Looks like you are making progress on all sorts of things.

    Just a tip on the dental work. I'm a dentist and I know that implants are not cheap. However if you live near a dental school, implants are about half the price of private practice. It takes more time than a regular dentist but you can get great work done. Feel free to email me if you have questions about it. marilynsmiles at gmail

    Good luck with the house savings!


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