Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Spending Review

Alcohol $18
Business expenses (reimbursable) $1610
Business expenses (deductable) $33
Car $126.32
Entertainment $133.99
Food—dining out $470.77
Food—groceries $124.32
Gifts $225.40
Hygiene/Medical $561.77
Laundry $40
Mystery Shopping $94.81
Rent $830
Student loans $403.83
Taxes $277
Travel $268.52
Utilities $209.66
Total Spending: $5,427.39
Things of note: 
Eating out - I seriously don't even want to talk about this. Holy cow, that's embarrassing. My only excuse: two out of town trips and some seriously busy weeks.

Those out of town trips are why entertainment is so high, too.

Gifts - wedding season is almost over!

Hygiene/Medical - that would be my dentists visits. It's only half over, and I've now used up my entire insurance contribution for the year. Awesome.

With only one wedding left to attend for the year and no travel plans until the end of December, I think we can buckle down on our spending quite a bit. We did manage to transfer $2,000 to the house fund, so I consider this month a big win.

How'd your month go?


  1. Wow.. That is a lot of dining out, but putting $2K into your house fund s amazing! So I wouldn't even blink at the restaurant total! Great job!! :)


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