Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Spending Review

Business expenses (reimbursable) $3,583
Business expenses (deductable) $3.89
Car $143.27
Clothing $33.93
Electronics $51.48
Entertainment $55.72
Food—dining out $318.14
Food—groceries $326.17
Gifts $102
Household $52.15
House $25
Hygiene/Medical $407.66
Mystery Shopping $59.80
Rent $830
Sewing/Quilting $133.46
Student loans $629.03 ($225.20 more than normal)
Transportation $10
Travel $99.57
Utilities $207.59
Yoga $40
Total Spending: $2,899.83
Things of note: 
New categories: sewing/quilting and house! The house fund includes expenses related to the house search and eventual purchase; this month was a credit check fee that will eventually be applied as a credit at closing. The sewing/quilting category is for my newly rediscovered hobby and our Halloween costumes. Many of those expenses were one time things that I'll use repeatedly (self-healing mat, rotary cutter, patterns) and some were just for the costumes (fabric, thread, trim). I don't expect it to be very high in general.

Take a look at all those reimbursable business expenses - can anyone say POINTS with me?! I get reimbursed very quickly, too (if I file quickly, that is) and so far I've been reimbursed before the bill comes, so I'm liking this arrangement quite a bit.

I also brought in $76.75 in mystery shopping income, and our retirement accounts had an EXCELLENT month - almost $5,000 in gains! We are within $500 of our highest net worth ever right now, and that's after moving across the country and buying a car, so I am quite pleased. We also had the third cheapest month this year in terms of cash outflow, and I'm proud of that. It seems like the effects of the move are officially wearing off, and while I'm not sure we can keep it up through the holidays, we really seem to be back on track. I made my house savings goal for the month, too!

How'd your month go?

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