Monday, December 19, 2011


I just found a hole in the left elbow of the third sweater in a row - in less than six months!

All three sweaters are from New York & Co - so I'm wondering, is this a failure of their merchandise or something weird about how I sit at my desk? Nothing's changed in the latter, so I'm suspicious.

How on earth do you fix a hole in the elbow? Turning these sweaters into short sleeve cardigans is a possibility, but not ideal - Minnesota winters require long sleeves. I am not a professor so I'm not keen on elbow patches. Any other suggestions?


  1. Elbow patches are so cute, though!

  2. I think that its the quality of New York & Co clothes. I had a pair of pants from there that I washed once and the hem came down. When I tried to exchange them one month after I bought them, they told me they didn't have anymore like it so I needed my receipt. I went home and miraculously found my receipt. I went back and (even though I had my receipt) gave me this bogus half back. Their customer service and merchandise quality were lacking so I decided not to shop there. I would rather pay a little bit more for Express or whatever and have clothes that will last me years instead of months.

    Yes, MN is cold. You need long sleeves sweaters and a long sleeve shirt underneath. Good luck!

  3. The only way is to sew them back up and hope no one notices :(

    I haven't owned their products but I am going to be cautious from now on!


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