Saturday, December 3, 2011

November Recap/December Goals

November Goals
1. Sell two costumes. I have the costumes set aside but I did not get around to actually offering them.

2. Get more critical. This was really hard to measure! And probably something I can still work on.

3. Complete my car winter preparedness checklist. Mostly done. I just need a flashlight - I bought one, but then reconsidered so I need to return it and get something else.

4. Do a work-at-home day. Success. I had three business days off (plus the holiday) in November, and I used them to get a lot of things done regarding the house and other things that work better when taken care of during business days. I have two days more to take advantage of.

5. Book all holiday travel. Success!

December Goals
1. Sell costumes. This means: take pictures of me wearing the costumes, send an email and Facebook message to my old company. If no one bites, post to ebay.

2. Finish "In Case of" file, research wills and medical directives, and make any arrangements to finalize them. Tragedy struck close to home last weekend with the very unexpected death of a friend, and getting this finished is now a major priority in my life. At my request, Peanut has signed up for life and disability insurance (his company doesn't offer group plans) and has had the exam that goes along with it. If anything terrible happens, we are better off than we would have been two weeks ago. I do this to honor my friend's memory.

3. Stand on my head every day. This was one of my New Year's Resolutions, and it's the one I've struggled with ignored the most. I've been doing it for a few minutes every day this week, and I can already tell a huge difference! I still need to kick up against the wall, but I am getting the hang of the balance aspect, and I'm coming out of it more gracefully, so I think more practice will help me do it like this:

(Just the first part - I'm nowhere near scorpion yet!)

4. Stay under budget for Christmas, including gifts and travel. I haven't actually set a budget yet, but I want to get a number in mind and stay under that amount. One side of my family has limited gifts to $3/person, which will help for sure.

5. Start packing - to move into our HOUSE!


  1. OMFG that yoga position is sick...

    The only problem is I get really dizzy and sick if I am upside down (motion sickness kicks in)...

  2. I need to do stuff to prepare my car for winter also. I hate driving in the snow, it terrifies me.

  3. Wow! After watching that yoga video, I want to make it a goal to do a headstand! That's so cool.


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