Saturday, December 3, 2011

November Spending Review

Business expenses (reimbursable) $35.64
Business expenses (deductable) $3.89
Car $826.46
Clothing $144.19
Entertainment $534.16
Food—dining out $303.44
Food—groceries $251.60
Gifts $66.96
Household $20.32
House $2,450
Hygiene/Medical $4.40
Laundry $40
Rent $830
Student loans $403.83
Travel $781.80
Utilities $206.07

Total Spending: $6,992.76

Things of note: 
The car fund is only so hideously high because we paid the next year's car insurance premium up front, plus filled up twice and got a car wash, and for all the winter preparation stuff. Ouch! But we got a good discount for paying the insurance up front, and will actually get a small refund after we move - our new address has a cheaper premium than our current address.

Clothing includes my winter boots and gloves, and some odds and ends.

Entertainment is so high because I ordered a bunch of tickets for a group of friends to go see a Broadway show. I'll get paid back the night of the play.

We did pretty good on food spending, considering the holiday! I've been so consistent in taking lunch to work with me that I can't remember the last time I ate out. Very proud of that.

The House fund shows our first significant payments for the closing process - the earnest money and appraisal fee. I'm considering this as the amount of money we would have moved from checking into savings for the house this month - so although I didn't actually make a $2,000 transfer, I'm calling that goal reached!

I'm hoping that $40 quarter exchange is the last time we'll buy quarters for laundry machines. In less than two months, I will have my OWN washer and dryer. The mere thought leaves me speechless.


  1. Lots of spending! But it all seems worth it.

  2. We also had a spike in monthly auto expenses last month from pre-paying 6 months car insurance. But we have saved $5 month ($60) by doing so. Definitely worth it.


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