Monday, December 12, 2011

Spend Money to Save Money

Normally, I am very much NOT a proponent of spending money to save money. Sometimes, however, it works, and I'm relieved to find that it worked for me this morning.

You may remember the great dental insurance debacle of 2010, wherein I realized that my dental insurance was so poor that it wasn't worth spending money on, so we decided to cut it entirely. I was nervous that the dental discount plan offered by my dentist wouldn't actually be worth it, but yay - I saved $200 this morning!

Back when I originally was told the cost of the work, it was $1,480. My old dental insurance would only cover $1,000 of that - and then nothing else for the rest of the year, so we'd be out the $2,200 in annual premiums plus $480 just for that service. I suspected that with their dental discount plan and no insurance, we'd at least come in under $2,000 and I was right. This morning I signed up for the discount plan, which costs $85 per year, and then I called to get a new quote on the service so I can bring payment with me. My total is now $1152. Even including the cost of the discount plan, the total is $243 than what I would have been billed if I still had insurance.

Dental discounts for the win!

Now, we'll see how happy I am having to pay out of pocket for cleanings - but it's still going to come in way cheaper than paying premiums for crappy insurance.

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