Sunday, January 1, 2012

December Recap/January Goals

December Goals
1. Sell costumes. Utter failure. I've started the email to handle this but haven't sent it.

2. Finish "In Case of" file, research wills and medical directives, and make any arrangements to finalize them. Fail - Peanut has gotten life and disability insurance, but I haven't done anything on any of the other stuff. Just too busy!

3. Stand on my head every day. I give myself a B+. I've done this almost every day, and the exceptions were days when I was home sick and hardly able to lift myself off the couch - and I think one day of travel I forgot to do it also. I've seen a big improvement in my ability to get upside down and stay there, and I even did it in a class! That's something I've always been scared to try.

4. Stay under budget for Christmas, including gifts and travel. Success! I didn't set a budget, per se, but we traveled very cheaply and gifts were not expensive this year. That $3 gift challenge on the big side of my family really helped.

5. Start packing - to move into our HOUSE! Packing has started! We're moving three weeks sooner than we thought, so this one was pretty easy to complete.

January Goals
1. Move with a minimum of fuss. The move this summer was pretty easy, all things considered, in part because I didn't allow myself to freak out about it. I pledge to do the same with this move.

2. Live as cheaply as possible.  We won't be able to figure out a new budget for a few months, but we've got a list a mile long of things we want to buy and we need to start saving for them. Cooking at home, bringing lunches to work, and not buying anything but food - that'll help.

3. Go to four yoga classes. Hold me accountable!

4.  Decide which color to paint the new rooms. I'm torn between painting before moving in (no stuff in the way!) and after moving in, and I think that time is just going to end up making the decision for me. I'm really stumped on what colors I want to use in the bathroom and master bedroom anyway, so maybe living with it is a good idea.

5.  Do not buy any new clothes.  I shouldn't even have to say this but my spending tracker shows three months in a row of random clothing purchases and it's got to stop right now!

What are your goals for January?


  1. My one oand only January goal is to not drink coffee for the month. I'm the third day in and it is going well. I know you successfully gave up coffee so are a bit of an inspiration.

  2. Oh, good luck to you, anonymous! The first day without coffee was the worst. The second day without coffee was the second worst. By the end of the first week, I felt like a new person.

    I really like the taste of coffee, so it can be hard to stick with the giving-up of it, but it's really worth it!


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