Sunday, January 8, 2012


Tips for the eco-friendly home. This was a timely post for me to see, since we're about to move into a house that we'll own and can make these improvements in!

Priceonomics - great timing considering how much furniture I'm about to start scoring off Craigslist.

Add Vodka does a food inventory and is startled to see how much she has in her cupboards. I haven't ever done a food inventory but I'd tell you that I'm always likely to have on hand: flour (all purpose, whole wheat, bread, semolina), frozen chicken breasts (breaded and plain), garlic, tortilla chips, oatmeal, white rice, milk, cheese, eggs, some sort of pasta, frozen homemade pizza sauce cubes, baby carrots, and ramen. I'd like to get to a point where I am stocking up on other staples regularly but I still tend to shop like I did in New York: by week, buying only what is needed that week and picking up fresh produce and milk every few days.

I love Katy's description of her frugal activities!

Lipton Onion Soup Mix is the only soup mix I buy - but now that I can make it at home, I won't have to!

20Something Finances details 2012 tax bracket changes. The money quote: "This may also be a good time to revisit what your overall adjusted gross income might be this year and adjust your tax allowances so that you don't end up getting penalized for owing too much in taxes or getting too big of a refund (lending your money to the government, interest-free)." (Ahem, note to self, LMM.)

Great reasons to have a small home. While 1,500 square feet sounds palatial coming from New York City apartments, we realize that it makes for a fairly small single family dwelling.

Stop yourself from saving too much, via The Consumerist. Favorite quote: "Money exists for commerce, and if not for today's commerce, for some time in the future. Money cannot be a goal on its own because it has no meaning, no function beyond what it can be traded for in exchange."

Wondered what phrases like enriched, fortified, organic, sustainable and more? What common grocery store labels mean.

The perfect example of conscious spending:  Tammy from Rowdy Kittens gets an iPhone! I love her explanation of how this was a great purchase for her commitments to her lifestyle. I want to introduce this kind of justification to my own shopping habits.

WiseBread introduces me to boomerang - send emails later with gmail. I've been wishing for this! (The whole post is full of good ideas)

7 signs we're in a post-private world - this is a fantastic article about how the world works today.

Trent discusses the 10-second rule and the 30-day rule.

Reality check - this guy ordered commonly advertised fast food items and compared pictures of those items to advertisements. Hmm.


  1. 1,500 square feet is small single family living? Whaaat? That's the size of my parents home, and though they're (close to being) empty nesters now, there were 5 of us living there at once for 13 years. Funny that some consider that to be small these days. Then again, while looking at homes for just the two of us, David and I are considering 1,000 square feet+. (We're in 900 square feet now, which feels spacious to me, but he wants a finished basement.)

  2. Thanks for the link love! I'm in the ultimate small space - 480 sq feet - I'm super excited to move to 800 sq feet, which I do realize is small, haha.

    It's relative to how much stuff you have!

  3. @Katie, I KNOW! I was looking at a small houses book yesterday and it considered anything under *2,500* square feet to be a "small house".

    Our house has about 900 square feet of "upstairs space" plus a half-finished basement, coming in at just under 1,500 square feet - more than twice the size of our current apartment, which was already almost twice as big as our NYC apartment. I can see how living in our new house with teenagers will feel pretty cramped, I feel like we'll be able to do it with small kids, no problem. I do wish there was a two-car garage for the winter, but we'll just have to make do with one and street parking.


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